Cultivating Actionable Pathways for
Accountability and Healing


Creating sustainable, adaptable, and intersectional responses to harm, relationship violence, and campus sexual assault

What is a Transformative Justice philosophy and how does it inform my approach to building healthy and inclusive campus communities?

What skill sets do we need to cultivate in order to do better by a diverse range of survivors?

How do we create public conversations that center healing and promote conflict resolution? 

"Accountability is a practice! It is a muscle and a skill that we can intentionally build up."

– Mia Mingus, survivor and disability justice organizer 

I provide personalized consultations to...

  • Assess the conditions that lead to unhealthy campus climates, relationship dynamics, and sexual misconduct.
  • Develop local and adaptable approaches to addressing conflicts in colleges, programs, and departments.
  • Training administrators, faculty, staff and students in building communities of support and communities of accountability within university contexts.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Training – dealing with conflict, relationship harm, and campus sexual misconduct.
  • Communication strategies and facilitation training for harm reduction and de-escalation 
  • Local Resource and Asset mapping

“We shouldn’t demand things of others that we are not willing to do ourselves”


Los Angeles, CA
Tongva Land United States of America




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