Changing the Conversation​

The Transformative Justice Speaker Series is one of the ways in which we can begin to raise the hard questions necessary to change the conversation on relationship violence and sexual assault on campuses nationwide. For example, what do mean when we say we want accountability from our institutions and from our communities? How can we expand the healing options available for a diversity of survivors? And what kind of changes are needed to ensure that  make, so that sexual assault is the exception and not the rule? This video features the introduction to one of the events I organized where #MeToo Founder Tarana Burke came to campus to discuss healing. 

Building An Archive

Building an archive of the media coverage of the Larry Nassar case at Michigan State University is crucial to detailing the ripple effect of harm occasioned by his abuse.  We must keep this case, and others like it in the frame, if we are to do better by the diverse range of survivors that often find themselves in university settings without support. The diversity of cases in this growing archive illustrates the extent to which we will need institutional responses that are preventative, that can proactively intervene when harm is happening, and that include processes and resources for healing once harm has occurred.  

Transforming the Culture

In the wake of  the  Larry Nassar case, this video features some of the steps that the College of Arts & Letters at MSU has begun to take towards rebuilding trust and changing the culture that enables harmful behavior. In this video you will hear a brief discussion of the work I am doing with a small collective of Deans to effect positive change within MSU’s culture, organization, and operation.